About Us 

You Take Care of Your People…

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Our Mission

To connect behavioral health providers and organizations with talented patient-focused clinical passionate professionals providing the best long-term treatment outcomes. As well as partnering with career seekers providing a voice of advocacy and direction to meet their desired career goals.

Our Vision

To be the leader in behavioral health recruitment and staffing solutions. Using techniques and methods never utilized by this industry, linking behavior health professionals with rewarding career opportunities across the US. Our  Career Agents fulfill clinical professionals’ career dreams as members of behavioral health teams that reward both them and the treatment providers with long and prosperous relationships.


Our Values
When you work with BeIDT to land a role or solve healthcare staffing shortage issues in your facilities, you also get:

We are not just an agency that assist you in the right role or finds the right staff for you. We deal in a business of care, so we are as compassionate towards you and your needs as you are towards the career you serve. BeIDT Health fully understands the landscape of behavioral health and is here to serve you.

Passionate, high-energy healthcare candidates are at the core of BeIDT’s success, and we love to work with such motivated candidates to find them the most rewarding career path. Our passion trickles down from our most seasoned recruitment experts to the employers and healthcare specialists we work with.

Every interaction we get is the beginning of a unique partnership for us. Together, we can work to strengthen your patient care. We will gain a better understanding of your team treatment approach, whether it be interdisciplinary, with one integrated plan, or multidisciplinary, with each member having their patient goals. We value you as a partner in a new standard of healthcare staffing that will revolutionize the industry.


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