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Replacing an employee can cost between
50% -60% of that employee’ salary with overall
costs ranging anywhere from 90% – 200%Why would you not use us?
Our candidates are of the highest quality,
experienced, fully vetted, credentialed, and come
with a guarantee for success. Hirer the right candidate the first time and with the help of BeIDT Health Career Agents the chances of getting it right the first time skyrocket.  Our Agents truly connect with candidates learning what is it that they truly want out of a career to help the match making process seamless.   

Explore Our Flexible Recruitment and Staffing Solutions

Enjoy the convenience of getting the right candidates just the way you want them with our customized recruitment and staffing solutions. 

We are ready to help you manage employee expectations better, optimize your hiring costs, and facilitate steady growth for your facility with our specialized  employment solutions.

Here at BeIDT Health, we understand the current state of behavioral health recruitment and staffing challenges. In addition, we’ve noticed that Covid19 has completely shifted the entire behavioral health employment market. We know that improved patient outcomes are your primary objections. And the demand for quality readily available healthcare professionals is at an all-time high.

BeIDT Health specializes in behavioral health interdisciplinary and multi-interdisciplinary team staffing and recruitment solutions for various facilities including clinics, hospitals, agencies, and long-term care facilities.

BeIDT Health takes a fresh approach to our recruitment process, focusing on talent and specific professions so that our services are specialized as we continually strive to explore new opportunities that allow us to find the best roles. 

Our strength is providing access to more desirable career opportunities for behavioral health professionals that offer more rewarding career experiences.

When a critical role goes unfilled, it can have a huge impact on patient outcomes and the company’s growth. 

We take the time to personally learn the specifics of our client’s staffing and recruitment needs by first learning and understanding the scope and operative function of their business.

When your company partners with us, we strive to do more than just fill an employment role or position for you. It’s our commitment and goal to provide you with exceptional talent that fits the needs, skills, and culture of your company. We don’t just match resumes with openings, we specifically find well-qualified professionals who are passionate and serious about their careers.

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