Come experience the BeIDT Health difference.

Clients AND Candidates Come First…

BeIDT Health wouldn’t be who we are without both our clients and our candidates. We truly believe that valuable relationships are the most important aspect of what we do so we strive everyday to continue building and fostering the relationships we have, as well as creating new ones.

White-Glove Service

Every situation and need is different, so we don’t treat them all the same! But we do treat each and every opportunity and job hunt with extreme care and attention to detail. From dissecting the job requirements to thorough candidate vetting screens, we put the time in to make sure it’s done right. 

Industry Expertise & Experience

We don’t attempt to be everything to everyone, that would be next to impossible! Instead, our goal is to be everything to the behavioral healthcare industry. We are dedicated to being experts in this space and understanding where the industry is today, but also where the industry is headed for the future.
BeIDT Health understands the time pressures and productivity requirements you experience every day. In our 10+ years of recruiting and staffing, we have helped hundreds of companies find ideal candidates and avoid costly hiring mistakes.
We stake our reputation on finding the candidates that are a great fit for your organization and finding awarding career opportunities for the professionals we work with.

Let us be your guide to navigating the challenges of identifying and retaining high quality behavioral healthcare talent or new career opportunity.
BeIDT Health recognizes that behavioral health organizations have specific challenges that are different from other employers, and that finding the right job candidate requires a thorough understanding of behavioral healthcare jobs.
The client organizations and career candidates often work with us for years. And we take pride in being their go to for their recruiting needs for behavioral health professionals.